Our Process

This is how we turn Ideas into Apps!

Our Client

Tom owns a towing business, and he would like to manage his employees in the field. He's currently using a subscription service that includes a basic custom app template. He'd like more control, and less payments.


Tom calls AppZoro, and we set up a brief discovery meeting. This is where Tom lets us see his vision, and where we help Tom understand the technology behind his vision.


We take all of Tom's requirements, ideas, previous documentation, etc etc into account, and develop a basic proposal for how we can develop a solution that covers his needs.


Once Tom approves our initial proposal, we have a final discovery meeting to nail down the specifics. Then we get started on development. Click here to learn more about how our development teams work.


After testing, we now have a finished mobile app. We deliver all files and assets to Tom, as well as set up all hosting and database services. This is also where we finalize integration of third-party services like advertising networks and payment providers. For the next 30 days, we keep an eye out for bugs to ensure a successful launch.

Our 5-Step Process