Cloud Data Migration

Moving existing on-premises data to a new cloud storage location in batches, increments and streams

A successful cloud application deployment is nothing without data. With every cloud data solution comes the physical limitations of migrating your data from your location into the cloud.

Using a T1 connection to move 1TB in or out of AWS would take a minimum of 82 days at 80% network utilization.

You don’t have 3 months to wait, this is where AppZoro comes in.

Depending on the data needs of your organization, our team uses various tools to securely migrate your data into a cloud environment.

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Unmanaged Cloud Data Migration Tools

These methods are designed for small-scale data migrations:

  • rsync
  • S3 command line interface
  • Glacier command line interface
AWS-Managed Cloud Data Migration Tools

For our clients with large data lakes and archives with very high data volumes, we interface with Amazon’s Managed Migration tools:

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Replacing or optimizing the internet using AWS Direct Connect or AWS Snowball technology

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Friendly S3 interfaces to connect directly to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3)

Our team is standing by to evaluate your organization’s requirements. Contact AppZoro for Enterprises today.

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