AWS Management Tools

Seamless management solutions for your cloud environment.

Properly managing your cloud environment is an absolute necessity for any organization using cloud-based services. Fortunately, AWS provides numerous tools and solutions to help you control and enhance your cloud infrastructure. AppZoro is here to help your organization properly implement these tools on the AWS platform.

Tool Categories

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  • Provisioning
    • AWS CloudFormation - This service provides a single-source text file from which you can model and provision all resources across all accounts, securely and automatically.
  • Monitoring & Logging
    • Amazon Cloud Watch - Collect and track metrics across your entire AWS infrastructure.
  • Operations Management
    • AWS Systems Manager - Quickly view and monitor all resources, and automate tasks such as patching or state management, in one place.
    • AWS CloudTrail - Log all user activity within your organization.
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  • Managed Services for Configuration Management
    • AWS OpsWorks - A system that allows you to automatically patch, update, backup, and maintain the availability of your Chef and Puppet servers.

Our team is ready to evaluate and improve your organization’s AWS infrastructure. Contact the AppZoro Enterprise team today.

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